Validation Accounts


You need a Validation Account when:

On street parking is hard to find or requires your staff to run out and fill metres!

Your business needs to provide customers with an extra level of service or convenience.

Those working for you would benefit from an easier parking solution.

The benefits of a Validation Account: 

Free/No charge. Sign up and set up is all part of the service.

Have full control of validations. No more reaching out to a parking company last minute for validations and not getting a timely response. You have access to providing validations at your finger tips 24/7/365.

No hassle. In a time poor world we can all appreciate the convenience of worry-free parking near to your location.

Get an edge. Be competitive by removing a key barrier for customers and provide complimentary or discounted parking. Alternatively look at additional revenue options when including parking as part of your service.

Save time. Reduced processing and invoicing of expenses with 1 single monthly bill, frees up time to work in not on your business.


For business owners

1. What does it cost?

As part of the set-up process (which is free) for all Nationwide Parking customers, your Nationwide Parking Representative will analyze your current parking requirements and put together a Validation Parking package that includes parking rates that meet your requirements. In addition, they will provide you with free training to ensure that you hit the ground running.

To find out how you can sign up for a Validations Parking account contact us here or call (414) 847-5723


2. How does Secure Parking Validations work?

When you sign-up for Validations, you’ll be issued with a customised validation Parking Web Tool that gives you access to validation parking at the Nationwide Parking facility that is closest to your location.

The web-tool enables you to validate parking in a parking facility for a time period.

3. What types of business use validations?

Lawyers and Solicitors

Restaurants, Cafes and Bars

Medical and Dental Practices



Event’s Organisers/Professionals

Gyms and Dance Studios

4. Who Sets Up validation account?

Your Nationwide Parking Representative will analyse your current parking requirements and put together a Validation Parking package that includes parking rates that meet your requirements. Then they will set up the system for you and provide free training and access to our downloadable How-To guide.

5. How do you use a validation account?

In 4 simple steps you can be up and running:

Set-Up and training is all provided by your Secure Parking Representative.

Only validate for the parking you need.

Printed or paperless validations are available at your fingertips 24/7

Real-time reporting and a single monthly bill keeps it all as simple as can be.

All your customer has to do is park in an unreserved parking space at the suggested parking facility, arrive at your office, provide the information needed (plate number or ticket number at a gated site)

6. How do I receive the bill?

There’s no need to worry about processing reimbursements for parking. At the end of each month, you receive an itemised bill outlining all your company’s validation Parking bookings and activity.